Digital Sales Report Application Launched

I’m more than pleased to have just finished and released version 1 of Nu Urban Music’s Digital Sales Reporting system after much testing and optimisation.

From my initial plan I’ve written it entirely in procedural PHP with my own database schema and MySQL queries, it also has a little JQuery here and there, a dash of AJAX, a sprinkling of Google charts and of course plenty of CSS and highly organised HTML.

It’s main task is to import, collate and analyse huge raw data spreadsheets, CSVs and tab delimited text files of worldwide MP3, WAV and stream sales each with different layouts, currencies and quirks from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, HMV, Napster, Microsoft, YouTube, Deezer, and many more.

For Nu Urban Music this lets them analyse the now organised and ingest-able information and see how worldwide sales of digital music by country, outlet, record label, album or track perform over time.

For each of the hundreds of record labels, they can now log in securely and see progress for all their MP3 sales organised nicely with bar charts and tables so that they can see visual representation of how much money they have earned for any particular quarter or download a nicely formatted on the fly Excel spreadsheet.