Time for OOP

It’s time for OOP (Object Orientated Programming). I’ve recently picked up the fairly easy to read and recommended “PHP Object-Orientated Solutions” book of which I’ve been zipping through the tutorials quite fast.  It’s about time for me to step away from the pretty much self-taught procedural programming that I’m used to in PHP.

The learning curve is quite manageable so far so I’ve opted to jump into developing an application using the PHP framework CodeIgniter at the same time. – CodeIgniter seems to be a good starting framework which I aim to use in a production environment using it’s much talked about and now more familiar MVC model.

After mastering CodeIgniter and therefore with a good understanding of frameworks and MVC my plan is to migrate over to the Zend framework which looks to be much, much bigger – Along with the knowledge needed to build around it. Wish me luck!