SVN 1.6 Command Line Tools In OS X Mavericks


After updating my Macbook to OS X Mavericks I though it best to checkout any updates my fellow developers had done to the site since I last checked out. Opening up terminal and typing SVN update gave me a message saying I need to install Command Line Tools – It gave me a dialog box to install it there and then, very good I thought until I tried again after the install as it said my Mac had SVN 1.7 but my project was made using the older 1.6 and needed to be upgraded which isn’t feasible for me.

To roll back to 1.6 I moved svn out of /usr/bin to my Documents folder just incase I needed to move it back later with this (note the ~):

sudo mv /usr/bin/svn ~/Documents/svn_1.7

After this SVN 1.7 wouldn’t load so I could safely replace it with SVN 1.6 by firstly downloading the latest Xcode from the app store. After Xcode was installed I looked at ‘show package contents’ in finder, browsed through the folders and saw it had Subversion 1.6 included. To point my Mac towards this I needed to edit my /etc/paths file and include this new location as follows:

sudo vi /etc/paths

I then just needed to create a new line at the bottom by entering the new path as so:


After saving the changes and restarting I ran the following command which showed me I had SVN 1.6 installed!

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